About Us

As a Global Telecom solution provider, We at Digital Invascom believe in travelling with the digital concourse that keeps changing dynamically as new devices and technologies evolve daily.

We are a technology company offering a wide range of services in the following domains.

Our Offerings

Mobile Technology Solutions

Digital Invascom has rich expertise in mobile Value-added services Platforms, SMS Gateways, Mobile Lottery applications, SDK, Credits, WAP, SDP and Billing systems offering custom made solutions for service providers working with Telecom companies and directly to the Telecom companies worldwide. App development and hoisting is another line of business activity.

Digital Contents

Digital Invascom has a wide network of content writers across the world and has a wallet of digital repository which caters to multilingual multi geographical categories. These include Talk shows, Interactive contents, Interactive Astrology, knowledge based and gamifications. These contents are available through mobile and other digital mediums.

Digital Marketing

Digital Invascom works with the leading Publishers and Advertising platforms to offer bulk and retail solutions on Digital Marketing. With Custom bult Data analytical tools our offering is matchless, and customers are assured of guaranteed Return on investments on their campaigns.

Our Clients